Introspection of The Lotus Manjè, Vol. 16

Self Respect is a Limited Resource. Don’t Waste It.

There was recently a women by the name of Natasha Aponte (I put her name here in order for me to find the story later) who gathered a considerate amount of men on Tinder and made them compete for a chance to be with her, participating in events to show off their physical prowess.

In all honesty, it was disgusting and embarrassing.

I can’t say that every man was there to get with her, but nonetheless staying around the second you realize that you’re competing like cattle to hold a girl’s hand says alot about a man. I believe that this video shows how things have changed in the dating world. Men are more thirsty than ever for affection from a female, and they are even willing to denigrate themselves to silly games for that affection. I’m glad I stopped dating and focused on my finances for the past year and a half, because it has paid dividends (literally as well) in terms of productivity and understanding economics.

I also have my dignity, which is one of the most important things to have as a man in this day and age seeing as how there is almost always a guarantee that someone will try to take it from you. Unfortunately, I don’t think those men in that competition will learn what any of this means until they have enough pain in their life to start thinking about their decisions. I can’t reach everyone, but I do intend to be there for men to realize their shortcomings and rectify them.

Until then we’ll just see more stuff like this.


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