Introspection of The Lotus Manjè, Vol. 13

A Road Set for Oneself

A few weeks ago, I was informed that I would need more credit hours before I could graduate from college. I was not aware that I would need more credit hours beyond what was required for my degree, which in all honesty was my fault. It was a blow to my motivation to hear it nonetheless, and I have noticed myself deliberately avoiding my assignments.

Since I now have at least another year before I graduate, I feel no need to bother completing the semester on a high note; I can only speak for myself, but being given a larger window to fail is disheartening to me. College has not been the challenge I thought it was, and I find more motivation in conversing with friends about business and finances.

I have also focused more on what I can do to cultivate my business acumen and to better control my budget and use my money for optimum returns. The routine I have consistently adhered to for the past seven months in my finances has finally started to bear fruit. The thoughts and goals I have held onto for the past two years have gave way to the creation of this website, Rolling Dodger as a company, and the name Lotus Manjè. These things motivate me more than getting anything else, and I doubt it will change.

After all the progress I have made, I wonder if college is needed at all to reach my goals. It most certainly has its place, but I’d rather not make it the crux of my purpose. I feel that this stumble has let me know where I truly need to shift my purpose, and that I was on the right track.


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