Picking Up Where Someone Else Left Off

The topic I am about to address will no doubt go over most people’s heads. This is something that is usually never done, so it will be a foreign concept, but should be practiced to retain a grip on things.


Although Black Panther make a huge profit for Marvel and black people’s self esteem, as mentioned before I am worried that the events after it will not be any different than before. That is because people don’t capitalize on big moments like this, and the few that do are usually never seen. At this point, I’d be surprised if a black artist created their own comic or work of art and was able to get 0.001% of the attention that Black Panther got.

One of the great things that Marvel does is that they make sure to consistently produce movies and let people know about them, and people are so eager to see them that they spread the info by word of mouth, or on social media. For free.

If black people want to be “represented” in the media the right way, they will have to consistently support other black content creators who can do that for them. There are many authors, artists, designers and directors who can do that, who all have something different to bring to the table. Choosing one won’t be hard.

But as stated before, being consistent is not something that the black collective is known for, and I worry that many of us won’t see the bigger picture until it’s much too late. Something tells me that many of the people who went to see Black Panther in dashikis went back home and watched Love and Hip Hop.

It isn’t a question of representation in most cases. I have found many entertainers on youtube alone who make great music. It’s about taking the time to actually look. It’s a matter of being consistent.


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