No Need for Inaccurate Representation

I haven’t played Kingdom Come: Deliverance yet. I intend to buy it eventually when I have the time, which may end up being in a year or two. My backlog is extensive and it is and it is only growing.

Aside from that, I heard the game is great. The gameplay that I’ve seen looks different, and also seems unforgiving. I’m sure it’s a huge departure to what people are used to.

The part I find hilarious is that it is historically accurate and people have a problem with it.

The people who are “furious” that the game doesn’t have diversity in it have completely missed the point of what the game is portraying: a realistic look at the Kingdom of Bohemia in the 15th century. In no way is it a fantasy epic or trying to twist events in such a way that it can be more exciting. Simple and plain, and because of that it caught on.

The exclusion of people of other races during that time period is not a problem. If they had done it, then those characters more than likely would have been shoehorned in, and would have served no purpose. The developers did their job in creating a realistic world, and that enough is praise. If there is such a problem with people of other races and cultures not being in it, why not just create a game about them in that same time period?

At this point, getting mad at someone or a group for not doing what you like is foolish. Do it yourself and save yourself the drama of complaining over someone trying to show a piece of their history to an audience.


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