Introspection of The Lotus Manjè, Vol. 11

Fighting for the Wrong Reasons, Then Clapping for the Wrong Results

To start off: I hope that the Black Panther movie does well. Actually, I’m sure it will.

But I know that it will be successful for the wrong reasons. I can’t say that I have ever seen a group of people more elated to see a movie in my life. However, I am interested in what transpires after the movie. And something tells me that shit won’t change.

It’s already estimated that the movie will sell well, which I was expecting. Many black people who don’t watch Marvel movies at all will be attending, even black women who say men should grow up for watching such movies. But after the credits roll, what’s next?

Will black men in gangs suddenly decide to right their wrongs? Will black women stop choosing the worst men to deal with and then create blanket statements about black men who they rejected in earlier years, and afterwards look for a clean up man? Will hotep hustlers be inspired to actually be TRUTHFUL and not be “Broke, Woke and Barefoot,” and actually help the people who follow them to financial prosperity through teaching financial literacy?

Who knows?

Who knows.

If all it took was a movie for black people to collectively get their shit together, we would be much farther along then we are now. I obviously have my reservations about this chain of events. I hope against hope that this doesn’t turn out the way I think it will.

I like when I’m wrong.


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