Introspection of the Lotus Manjè, Vol. 6

Being the Generation to Fix Things

What would it take to fix a majority, if not all, of all the problems that we see in America? How long would it take to see things through to it’s end? How many people have the onus required to make it a reality? How many would take that responsibility?

Lie to me and say it’s you.

And if you do lie, make sure that you prove me wrong. I love being wrong.

There are many people who can tell you about problems that have plagued communities for generations, but it seems that a few people of each generation are the ones who take it upon themselves to make things better for others. Some may have had good intentions, but did it the wrong way, seemingly making it worse for everyone. I won’t expound on this, at least not now.

It will take a large majority who are willing to do right by themselves and people willing to follow suit to see things truly become better. What seems to be the problem is that the generation who does this will most likely have to sacrifice much in their lifetime to do so, and that frightens some people. Many people talk that good shit, but in time you realize that they’re just shit.

I don’t have the tools to let other people know how to gauge others who want real progress; I only know how to discern for myself the people who I want to be around. I value people who are able to give me viewpoints that deviate from the drivel on the news or the cookie cutter talk I hear frequently. They understand that sacrificing their time to see results later in life is key in making things work. They understand that expanding their business ventures along with their mind is key in creating a better future for others who come after them, and more importantly themselves.

I believe millennials have the potential to set things right, and by finding where the generations before us have failed we are given the material and opportunity to learn and adapt. But to do so will require taking on responsibility, something that very few people want to have.

I look forward in seeing how things turn out in the next few decades.

Make this year a good and productive one.


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