Introspection of the Lotus Manjè, Vol. 4

The Other Side of the Plot

As of writing this post, I am merely a young man who has written essays, stories and poems for school or personal enjoyment. I have no professional knowledge of how story-writing may feel to a seasoned author or screenwriter. As not even an amateur, but an aspiring one, I have no doubt that my works will be enjoyable to others if executed in the right way. My only fear is that I won’t be able to share in the fun of my own tales.

I’m not sure if this is selfish of me to think of my projects as such, but lately I have wondered if anyone in the past or present has felt the same way about their own work.

Was that character relatable enough?

Is the story and background comprehensive?

Are there any plot holes that will be talked about for years to come?

Was the villain a douche?

I haven’t even produced anything yet for public consumption and I already wonder that my work will not be good enough. Maybe this is normal. Who wouldn’t want their content to be acknowledged by as many people as possible?

I hope to look back in a few years at this blog post and tell myself “At least I did something.”


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