Introspection of the Lotus Manjè, Vol. 3

Feeling Good vs. Doing Good

Feeling Good

I’m sure that over the past few years, you have seen a work of art, be it a movie, television show, painting or song that gave you a certain chill down your spine, making you feel good, perhaps even to a state of euphoria. I know I have, and those events come ever so often. But it seems to me that there have been people who have tried to give their audience a false sense of euphoria to make them feel better about their shortcomings, and making money off of the dysfunction in addition to that.

Although I have to give those individuals their props for what they do, nonetheless is the obvious fact that in doing so they have let people carry on in their dysfunction instead of actually helping the individual they are helping better themselves. In my eyes, this is inexcusable, and must be addressed for the sake of containing the spread of mediocre “improvement” that has swept over media platforms. I have personally watched some of these videos I have mentioned and the only trend I see is that there is no personal development, only false validation through the exaggerated criticisms of another demographic.

Doing Good

I understand that looking inward may be hard. I myself have gone through many introspections in the last three years alone. I have a close friend who I am able to talk to about certain things, but others I keep to myself since I feel that some things should be kept to oneself and oneself only.

No matter what anyone tells you, there is no overnight process to a better you. That is why the people I mentioned earlier don’t comment on personal development, only instant gratification: it’s much easier to give the listener a psychological equivalent of a pyrrhic victory, only without the victory.

Be as angry as you want to be at the world, but make sure you look at yourself twice as hard. You may be your own problem.


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