Introspection of The Lotus Manjè, Vol. 2

Not a Safe Space, But Instead a Place of Power


No Politics…

Make no mistake: this company intends to create content leaning more toward black men and black youth, specifically ones who are heterosexual and red pill aware.  This automatically leaves out a huge demographic, but I will expect people to understand and act accordingly. No matter how hard you try to “act,” you won’t be able to hide your animosity. If you don’t understand what I mean by that, then it’s not meant for you.

Even with all that being said, I don’t intend to alienate others who would want to enjoy the content Rolling Dodger provides – that would be rude of me. I have no affiliation to Black Lives Matter or any other SJW groups. Neither am I in MGTOW, iBMOR or SYSBM, even though I advocate for the last two. I’d rather not tie Rolling Dodger down to rules that it hasn’t made for itself.

In all honesty, the growing presence of politics in many different industries has grown tiresome, and I refuse to let it affect my company in any way, shape or form. It feels like it will be a long road to walk, but since Rolling Dodger is meant for staying power and not to “make a splash,” from a personal and business standpoint this is the best decision.

….Simply a Place of Power

I’m sure that even with this entry, someone will still take brutal offense to my stance for the company, which is to be expected.

This company is meant for people to take a good look at themselves instead of outwardly projecting their problems out at everyone around them. In short, I want Rolling Dodger to be a place to build power, not a space for a demographic to feel vindicated in the injustices that they are not truly willing to fix. Some people are looking for a lone martyr to be a messiah instead of becoming a collective that can hit back through finances and influence. The cycle will play itself over and over until that lesson is learned.


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