Saturation, Ignorance, and How It Relates to Crashes

The Concept

“Imagine, if you will, that two people are selling a similar item but tweaked in their own way. Since those two people are the only people with access to that item, they do their best to sell the product at the best quality possible to satisfy the customer and make a profit.

Then, imagine ten other people eventually gain access to that particular item, but tweak it to a lesser quality of the previous two people. From that point, the first two people have a choice to either make their product “stretch” to a larger audience, but at the cost of lessening the quality of the product, or continue doing what they were doing.

Later on a hundred people also gain access to the same item, but instead of actually tweaking the item to make it their own, they put little to no effort into the product, either diluting it or selling it at its bare essentials. The first twelve people then have the task of keeping the attention of the audience who may be put off by the other hundred’s lackluster products.”

The Problem

To the best of my ability, this is how I view many industries -in a sense- particularly the video game industry. There have been a steady influx of indie games that are just “asset flips,” which are simply half-assed works made by a shoddy developer for a cash grab. Since the bar is so low to make any content someone creates ready for the market, many developers have taken it upon themselves to do the bare minimum in the hopes that gamers or consumers will be none the wiser in what they purchase. Add the fact that micro transactions are becoming more widespread, even being put in single player games (I won’t name names – you know what game I’m talking about; it comes out today and has a long Shadow behind it), along with many other issues within the industry, and you have a recipe for mediocrity. This recipe has led to customers becoming disinterested in buying or playing games, and the game industry as a whole seems to be failing because of it, along with other issues.

You can even attribute this concept to social media: take Instagram for example. Many women and men on there have the same haircuts, looks and even talk the same. It’s gotten to a point that they are simply carbon copies of one another, and seeing a woman who looks like the last five women on the site is becoming boring, unappealing and desensitizing.

The economy speaks for itself, and I will admit I don’t have an extensive knowledge of it, but I can say that a financial crisis will occur soon, like it has every now and then.

The Solution

In the quest for being unique, many people have become commonplace.

There are more people with the exact same ideas that cause fake outrage, and less and less people who can have an actual conversation without everything going to shit. Being compliant in doing the basest of things to gain a following or money has brought the standards down so low that a crash in many markets are inevitable.

Simply put, the game industry needs to crash. Social media deserves a crash, and I personally am waiting on the next financial crisis to occur, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes so that I can make some money in it’s wake.

If you are willing to the best you can do, then you’ll get the best results and feel good inside.


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