A Snapshot of Rolling Dodger

As of right now, Rolling Dodger is a game development company. It will mainly be for black men and black youth, seeking to entertain as well as educate. I have an interest in philosophical teachings and their teachers, as well as worldviews that I agree with (i.e. Thomas Sowell), along with thoughts that I don’t agree with (i.e. too many to list). Since my partner develops the games with the time he has available, I decided to use the time I have available to post on the site to keep our following (or lack thereof) up to date, including information on what’s new, and maybe viewpoints that I hold on certain things (if you care for that at all).

For the time being, many of my blogs will not have any references or links to what I am talking about; I am assuming that the reader knows what I am referring to, and if not then they are willing to find out that information on their own.

The main focus of Rolling Dodger is on black men and youth, but also is open to everyone who is a male, and then to everyone else who is willing to take something from it, in a positive way or not. As this company produces more content, the audience will begin to see who I intend to educate and inspire. Even though this may sound unclear now, in time it will make sense; just know that not everyone will approve of what we publish, but that is understandable since I have no intention of pandering to every demographic imaginable.

This company will grow as I fast as I do, and I intend to learn as much as I can to make the most out of the content I create, with the goal to further my own personal growth. Needless to say, this will most likely be a life journey, and I am looking forward to see how far this will go.

If you see this post a year or even five years later in life, just know that I am as human as anybody else. I have made mistakes, and learned from them. I have triumphs, and learned from those as well. The only things that make me feel unique is that I am unwilling to compromise who I am, but what may be even more of a reason is that I’m willing to go the length far more than the average person.


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