Leaving Things Unchecked: America’s Blind Eyes and Ignoring the Obvious


Irony is a Reach Around

This not something that I had planned on writing about – mainly because I know social media tends to blow the subject up and make it into a shit show. As such, I will keep it short since the topics in this post can be talked about extensively and will take an ample amount of time to write.

The recent events at Charlottesville is one of the many instances where white supremacists have gathered and are left unchecked. When I saw the videos of whites fighting other whites in the streets, it reminded me somewhat of the Civil War and the circumstances surrounding it: it had less to do about the unjust treatment of human beings (blacks) and more about the ideas two groups who consisted of white people had.

Even though I don’t approve of the inner workings of BLM, I can commend them somewhat for not fighting amongst their own in the streets. In so many words, what transpired on August 12th, 2017 is a clear example of America “showing it’s ass,” plain and simple. Seeing the images were not particularly surprising to me, but I’m disappointed in how immature these people acted, how hypocritical they were, and how long it took for politicians to check the unchecked. If you are white and had a problem with what transpired that day, understand that your morals led you to that thought process, and as an Army Veteran I appreciate you admonishing foolishness. I can honestly say this is the first time in my life that I have seen a large number of people who weren’t black chastise the KKK for what they did.

As for black people, there is not much to say. Understand that this is not our fight, and that the best course of action to take is to protect yourself and the people closest to you. The alt-right movement along with white supremacy took a hit that day, and I hope that it doesn’t recover. In fact, there are indications that it has been dying, but it is still in its death throes. Be careful with who you deal with and take care. I want to see as many sensible people in this world as possible; there have been enough deaths as it is.


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